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(Information Communication Technology for Development)

With the use of cutting-edge technology, RabbitH delivers statistical data through digital channels for small and medium investors in emerging markets. We strive to build trust and data transparency to make it easily accessible for everyone.

The winning numbers of lottery of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam are linked with data forecast which is based on Rational inference: deductive, inductive and statistical, together with data collection by online tools, such as Social, Searcher and etc.

01.Deductive Inference

It is the conclusion of a premise or claim that is true or assumed to be true by reason by logic. or is the conclusion that the result is true Relying on statements or assessments that are true. 

02.Inductive Inference

Inductive inference is a generalization of the observed data or axioms. 

03.Statistical Inference

Statistical inference is a summary or generalization of the statistical sample data. with a certain level of uncertainty which may be seen as It is a generalization of other types of inference. 

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