RabbitH Data Allotment Algorithm

Stage I

We collect data from various interest.

Stage II

Build mother table by A day counting.

Stage III

The scenario fluctuate can found on dashboard summary report chart.

Stage IV

RabbitH provide this data method to market.

product development 2023-2030


Create hybrid engine of lottery random.

Data Scrapping

Base on technology database

Evo Technology

RabbitH offer "lottery data random hybrid" to the trend of lottery.

The system will generate allotment of lottery trends by Suriyayatra and fact of Statistics lottery trends

The best tools to make every thing easy way to development of our product for innovation

The AI secretory will supporting how to  lottery trends.

Most of programmer use this language to do more on lottery trends data.

The another hand of AI secretory will push more supporting how to lottery trends. and similar Google Bard