Thankful Inspiration

so very grateful for all help and support

Friends and Family

Thanks Dad&Mom,ky-Ju to support all of idea and backup me. Grateful to Mon,Pee,Sean,Salina,Ake,Scott,tarn,Bua,
Ohh,P'nat,Takechi,Faii-Mom-Grand Mom,Na-bai and all friend in FF, Mr.Teen and Joe@Prudential, Hui@Chewathai, All friend@ANZ,Golf,kik for expert excel and the magic of heaven by Mae-Noi, Na-Pinn,Pa-Tui,Pu-thip,Pu-Thammarat 


Welcome and Hi friends all over the world without boundary to join and grow with us. 

Greate Teacher
Ajarn Worapol Maison

"Suriya yatra curriculum" course of the Astrologer Association Foundation of Thailand in the Patriarch's Patronage
By Ajarn Worapol Maison (Palangwat)

Digital DNA Project

Become the Digital Economy Entrepreneurs
Appreciate to let me join the team Dr.Ja, Ajarn Miki wang,P'Tu,P'nung joy&m

Knowledge and Instruction

The Department of Industrial Promotion (Kluay Namthai)

The Revenue Department

Department of Intellectual Property

Technology Crime Suppression Division

Office of The Consumer Protection Board

Anti-Money Laundering Office

Ministry of Commerce